12 Jun 2023

14 INSEAD case studies recognised as The Case Centre best-sellers worldwide over past 50 years

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INSEAD, the Business School for the World, has earned a new distinction showcasing its world-class calibre in publishing exemplary case studies. Fourteen INSEAD cases are recognised among the most popular cases distributed worldwide by The Case Centre over the past 50 years, with six of them ranking in the top 10, more than any other school.

The news is announced today when The Case Centre, the top global organisation dedicated to promoting the case method in management education, celebrates Top 50 cases in 50 years, as part of its 50th anniversary.

INSEAD cases ranked among the top 50 are:

INSEAD’s world-class faculty, recognised for their research and effective teaching methodologies, are crucial to the school’s reputation in providing a top-quality international business education. Built on a solid research foundation, the high calibre of INSEAD cases consistently achieves international recognition and winning numerous awards.

Regarding INSEAD’s exceptional case performance, Lily Fang, INSEAD Dean of Research and Professor of Finance, said:

This prestigious recognition in The Case Centre is yet another testament to the thought-leadership of our faulty. It re-affirms the school’s commitment to research and teaching excellence which resonates with global business practitioners .

Professor Pierre Chandon, whose case has been consistently ranked in the top 10 and this year #2,  commented,

“I believe that Unilever in Brazil has been so successful because it addresses an important issue – how to create value for low-income consumers – and because it shows that the marketing approach 'get out of the office, find what your customers want, and give it to them’ works, especially when ‘what customers want’ and ‘how to give it to them’ is really not intuitive for more privileged students.”

INSEAD's international reputation as "The Business School for the World" is rooted in the relevance and rigour of its research, teaching, and learning materials. Leveraging their privileged access to industry executives, entrepreneurs, and experts, INSEAD faculty and research staff produce more than 60 new cases annually, continually enriching the school's academic portfolio. These cases provide robust insights that seamlessly integrate theory and practice from diverse countries and cultures. Beyond sparking engaging class discussions on critical management issues, INSEAD cases empower students to enhance their strategic decision-making skills and become stronger leaders.

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