Nancy J. Brandwein

Meddo is a healthcare service delivery innovation in India that simplifies the patient journey through outpatient services, lab tests, and medicines management. It was born out of a collaboration between a medical doctor who cofounded a hospital chain, and an entrepreneur who had led a major food-delivery service.

Published 17 Mar 2021

Reference 6628

Topic Operations

Industry Health, Wellness and Fitness

Region Asia

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Preferred Networks, Inc. (PFN), a start-up specialized in deep learning technologies, a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) research, differentiated itself early on by aligning with Japan’s manufacturing might and bringing deep learning to the internet of things (IoT).

Published 30 Sep 2019

Reference 6477

Topic Strategy

Industry Computer Software

Region Asia

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WeWork has seen a decade of growth with a disruptive new service business model in a rapidly transforming industry: shared office space for start-ups (and increasingly for big companies) thanks to its understanding of workplace trends such as the ‘gig’ economy, the rise of millennials and Generation Z in the workforce, more collaborative office work and tech-enabled mobility of employees.

Published 02 May 2019

Reference 6488

Topic Marketing

Region Global

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When Volkswagen and Ford combined their Argentinian and Brazilian automotive subsidiaries in 1987, it was very much a marriage of convenience. Operating in an environment of hyperinflation, weak growth and an import ban, the combined company took advantage of economies of scale, closed surplus Ford and Volkswagen (VW) plants and produced inexpensive models of cars and trucks.

Published 26 Jun 2017

Reference 6149

Topic Economics & Finance

Industry Transportation/Trucking/Railroad

Region South America

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In our global economy, manufacturing companies outsource production to multiple suppliers half a world away and spread engineering and design out among far-flung company outposts. Yet, at the same time, geographic clusters of firms in particular industries can still hold competitive advantage by virtue of co-location.

Published 19 Dec 2016

Reference 6140

Topic Strategy

Industry Automotive

Region Europe

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