Anton S. Ovchinnikov

Visiting Professor of Decision Sciences
Recent studies indicate that the majority (60-80%) of advanced analytics/AI projects fail, often citing “management resistance and internal politics”. However, having reviewed/supervised hundreds of such projects around the world, our experience suggests that many projects are ill-conceived and fall victim to poor analyses and pre-launch planning.

Published 03 Dec 2020

Reference 6626

Topic Strategy

Industry Financial Services

Region Global

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The credit card unit of a commercial bank needs to come up with a data-driven model to predict which credit customers will default.

Published 11 Jan 2022

Reference 6722

Topic Economics & Finance

Industry Banking

Region Asia

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Kusha Ahmad is tasked with facilitating headcount reduction following the acquisition of the Societe Francaise de Biotechnologie (SFB) by Big American Pharmaceuticals (BAP), and the subsequent closure of the SFB office in Lyon, France. In accordance with regulations introduced in 2017, staff are entitled to a “rupture conventionnelle collective”.

Published 15 Nov 2021

Reference 6684

Topic Leadership & Organisations

Industry Biotechnology

Region Europe

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Behavioral Operations; Strategic Behavior of Consumers and Firms; Pricing Analytics and Revenue Management; Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Loyalty Analytics; Innovative Operations; Sustainability; Remanufacturing; Green Technology Adoption; Data Analytics in Business, Government, and Non-Profits; Ethics and AI