Anton S. Ovchinnikov

Visiting Professor of Decision Sciences
Recent studies indicate that the majority (60-80%) of advanced analytics/AI projects fail, often citing “management resistance and internal politics”. However, having reviewed/supervised hundreds of such projects around the world, our experience suggests that many projects are ill-conceived and fall victim to poor analyses and pre-launch planning.

Published 03 Dec 2020

Reference 6626

Topic Strategy

Industry Financial Services

Region Global

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The credit card unit of a commercial bank needs to come up with a data-driven model to predict which credit customers will default.

Published 11 Jan 2022

Reference 6722

Topic Economics & Finance

Industry Banking

Region Asia

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Behavioral Operations; Strategic Behavior of Consumers and Firms; Pricing Analytics and Revenue Management; Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Loyalty Analytics; Innovative Operations; Sustainability; Remanufacturing; Green Technology Adoption; Data Analytics in Business, Government, and Non-Profits; Ethics and AI