Eco-Branding: The Case of Änglamark

Published 02 Jan 2006
Reference 5314
Topic Strategy
Region Europe

This case describes the development of an ecological brand in a large Swedish supermarket chain. The experience of änglamark has been unique and successful, but fierce price rivalry, change in consumer preferences and strategic alliances among Scandinavian cooperatives are jeopardizing the future of the brand.

Teaching objectives

The case enables teachers to explore: (i) the alignment of general, marketing and environmental strategies; (ii) the conditions in which ecological differentiation may generate competitive advantage; (iii) the subtle differences between traditional and ecological branding strategies; (iv) the evolution of consumer behavior toward eco-oriented products.

  • Eco-branding
  • Ecological differentiation
  • Marketing strategy
  • Generic strategy
  • Ethics
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Organisational change