ATG (B): Five Years on

Published 01 Jan 2002
Reference 4973
Topic Strategy
Region Asia
Length 10 page(s)

The case continues the story of the ATG joint venture described in case A. It charts the human resource and organisational changes that take place, and the resolution of various problems linked to the way the joint venture was set up, and the conflicting cultural differences between the partners. As a result, ATG emerges as a success, with expanding production and sales that make it number one in the Chinese piston ring market.

Teaching objectives

The case demonstrates how the problems and conflicts that can emerge following the setting up of a joint venture ? organisational, operational, human resource and financial ? need to be identified, tackled and resolved by all the partners before the new company can grow successfully, a process that can take several years.

  • Singapore
  • Process Competition
  • Operations Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Retail Apparel
  • Delayed Customisation
  • Delayed Customization
  • Time-Based Competition
  • Newsboy Model
  • Innovation
  • Services
  • Disruptive Technologies