Knowledge Management at Arthur Andersen (Denmark): Building Assets in Real Time and in Virtual Space

Published 01 Mar 1997
Reference 4653
Topic Strategy
Region Europe
Length 20 page(s)
Language English

Knowledge Management lies at the core of Arthur Andersen’s competitive advantage. This case describes how Arthur Andersen leverages its worldwide knowledge and best practices in an unrivalled manner. There is a specific focus within the case on Arthur Andersen’s unique culture of teamwork and use of advanced groupware systems.

Teaching objectives

This case can be used to teach the multi-faceted approach required for effective knowledge management. The special inter-relationship between technology and organizational considerations can be elaborated upon with the help of the case.

  • AR1997
  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge-based Systems
  • Groupware Systems
  • Teamwork & Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Processing
  • Professional Services Firms Strategy
  • Service Management