Xerox: Building a Corporate Focus on Knowledge

Published 08 Jan 2000
Reference 4891
Topic Operations
Region North America
Length 24 page(s)
Language English
Prizes & Awards

Winner of the Case Centre Awards and Competitions 2002 in the Category 'Production and Operations Management'


Managers now know that knowledge is an organization's most vital competitive asset. But most are still struggling with practicalities. How can knowledge be leveraged into marketplace success in any organization? A new economy is emerging built on knowledge and innovation. At its center are knowledge workers, whose mission is not only to create a world of new products and services, but also rethink the larger purposes and day-to-day practices of the world of business. The case describes the efforts for effective knowledge management for one of the communities inside Xerox.

Teaching objectives

The case can be used in different types of settings. It is an excellent introductory case in a course on the strategic use of information technology, because it enables the teacher to relate knowledge-based systems (KBS) to strategic changes. A second type of class where it can be used is in a course of organizational behavior. It can be used to discuss how important the company culture and the people behavior is in effective knowledge management and knowledge sharing.

  • Knowledge management
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Organisational knowledge
  • Knowledge workers
  • Knowledge-based company
  • Communities
  • Knowledge environment
  • Knowledge management systems