Being a Change Agent (C): Birth of a Movement?

Published 24 Nov 2014
Reference 6093
Topic Strategy
Region Asia
Length 7 page(s)

"Being a Change Agent" is a three-part case series set in a rural district of Assam in India. It describes the efforts made by Kuladhar Saikia, Deputy Inspector General of Police in the early 2000s, to tackle witchcraft-related crimes that were prevalent in this isolated and economically backward part of the country.

Teaching objectives

This is a case about implementing change with a focus on the role of change leaders in the process. It highlights the leader's role in setting a strategic direction, communicating it well, and influencing others to put their efforts behind the change especially in a context with limited resources and no visible sense of urgency.

  • Change Management
  • Responsible Leadership
  • Government Sector
  • Role of Change Agents
  • India
  • Q11415