Michaël Bikard

Associate Professor of Strategy
In 2016, Steve Anavi and Alexandre Prot started Qonto as a ‘challenger’ bank focused on SMEs and freelancers, in France. After achieving rapid success, questions surface about where to draw the bank’s boundaries. The early focus is on the customer interface and back-end operations are outsource, but by 2017 they are wondering whether to bring the core banking infrastructure in house.

Published 12 Mar 2021

Reference 6580

Topic Strategy

Industry Financial Services Banking

Region Europe

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After having failed in its internationalization efforts, Singapore-based digital real estate platform PropertyGuru hires Hari Krishnan, a LinkedIn executive, to become its new CEO. Krishnan is hesitating between two very different strategies that would shape the company moving forward.

Published 22 Jul 2020

Reference 6601

Topic Strategy

Industry Real Estate

Region Asia

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