Rank Xerox (C): The Success of Telesales

Published 03 Jan 2004
Reference 5138
Topic Strategy
Region Europe
Length 4 page(s)
Language English

Carlos obtained Fournier’s approval to implement “Telesales” (i.e., Carlos’s renamed version of Dubai’s Telemarketing). Telesales was successful within a year of launch. Success factors were: project’s IT aspect; salespeople’s acceptance of using computers; salespeople not resisting potential added control of Telesales; and offering of a complete package.

Teaching objectives

This case makes several points regarding best-practice transfers: having a working template (i.e., location to observe practice being transferred in operation) is valuable as a referent and a persuasive mechanism; sharing best practices often requires time to pilot and convince others to adopt practice; and being creative in communicating a best-practice initiative may be important to an initiative’s success.

  • Best-practice transfer
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Knowledge management
  • Change management
  • Change carriers
  • Core competence
  • Cross-border transfer. AR2004
  • AR0304
  • RD0304