Quick Growth at QlikTech

Published 28 Apr 2014
Reference 5810
Topic Marketing
Region Global
Length 13 page(s)

QlikTech, with its disruptive technology and business model, seems to have found a market niche in the mid-market business-to-business software segment. The big 5 market participants are now starting to offer the in-memory technology that QlikTech has built its business upon. In the light of the traditional vendors’ encroachment, can QlikTech’s growth be sustained?

Teaching objectives

- to understand what factors enabled QlikTech to grow - to develop a deep understanding of the following drivers of company growth: customer value, power offer, customer engagement - to understand how growth drivers should be used and analysed to determine whether a company’s growth is sustainable - to introduce the Momentum Process framework

  • Powering for Growth
  • Growth
  • Momentum Effect
  • Value
  • QlikTech
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business to Business
  • Customer insight
  • Q31314
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