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Telenor: Revolutionizing Retail Banking Services in Serbia - Digital Transformation of the Customer Experience

Published 27 Feb 2017
Reference 6129
Topic Marketing
Region Global
Length 27 page(s)
Language English

In this case study, we are analyzing how one of the biggest international telecommunications providers, Telenor, has used this weakness of financial institutions and has successfully launched the first mobile only bank in Serbia – Telenor Banka. The CEO of Telenor Banka is an INSEAD Alumni and is working with us on this case.
The Case is illustrating how companies can create a successful business by enhancing traditional (marketing) strategy frameworks with innovative digital approaches and technologies in new, under-developed markets. Telenor has revolutionised the entire customer experience across the most important touchpoints by leveraging digital trends like big data analytics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality or community building through social media marketing. More specifically, the case discusses topics like digital marketing, digital disruption, customer experience strategies, customer segmentation, omni-channel strategies, and brand positioning & architecture strategies.
The case also illustrates how digital practices foster business-model innovation that may not only change the competitive landscape but represent a ‘quantum leap’. Finally, the case discusses key enablers that organisations have to put in place to make a digital transformation work: the success of Telenor Bank Serbia was also driven by organisational change, leadership skills, the right vision and new management approaches like design thinking and lean management.

Teaching objectives

This case will touch upon a variety of important strategic decisions when it comes to marketing & branding in the digital world:
. Marketing planning for new product & services in a digital world
. Understand digital trends that are disrupting financial services
. Leverage digital trends to generate new or optimize existing products, brands, and content
. Understand today's customers and their evolving needs and expectations
. Understand why digital should be the default approach to customer engagement and not just a bolt-on
. Understand the new rules of competition
. Leveraging digital trends to optimize customer experiences
. Brand identity and positioning in a digital world
. Leveraging communities and content to build strong brands in a digital world
. Understand key enablers that allow for a digital transformation
. Transforming the organization itself is tougher than mastering the technology
. Understand the importance of a flexible, agile and collaborative organization

  • Digital transformation
  • Digital disruption
  • Digital marketing
  • Banking
  • Mobile banking
  • Customer centricity
  • Customer experience
  • Digital innovation
  • Brand extension
  • Brand dilution
  • Omni-channel
  • Q21617
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