Mobile Internet in Europe (B): i-mode and Vodafone Live! in 2006

Published 31 Jul 2012
Reference 5289
Topic Strategy
Region Europe

This case provides an update of the situation in the mobile internet industry in Europe in 2006, and is a continuation of the case "Mobile Internet in Europe: i-mode and Vodafone live! in 2003". The case describes the lukewarm adoption of these platforms within Europe, and the new opportunities and challenges emerging in the mobile internet ecosystem in late 2006 (new technologies and standards, new services, and new actors in the ecosystem)

Teaching objectives

This can be used as an update after case discussion, or to initiate a discussion of the situation in mobile internet industry in 2006.

  • Mobile Internet
  • Ecosystem
  • Network Externalities
  • Standards Competition
  • Q41112
  • European Competitiveness Initiative
  • European Competitiveness
  • Europe
  • Change Management