HSBC France: Re-Branding CCF (A)

Published 18 Feb 2008
Reference 5440
Topic Strategy
Industry Banking
Region Europe
Length 10 page(s)

This case focuses on the topic of strategic framing, specifically, how best the protagonist, Charles-Henri Filippi, can gain support for his strategic initiative, re-branding CCF as HSBC. The case write-up includes information about the HSBC Group, Crédit Commercial de France , Charles-Henri Filippi, the French banking environment, strategy making at both banks, various options concerning bank names, and selection criteria. The case also includes various exhibits for the user to analyze: HSBC’s acquisitions: 1997-2004, history of CCF, regional banks of Crédit Commercial de France, and excerpts from Tout savoir sur HSBC.

Teaching objectives

The objective of this case is for the user to make a strategic decision: To re-brand an acquired bank, CCF, or not, and if so, how. The user makes this decision based on an analysis of the acquring bank, the HSBC Group, the acquired bank, CCF, various options, and the selection criteria.

  • HSBC
  • Credit Commercial de France
  • Charles-Henri Filippi
  • Strategy
  • Framing
  • Re-branding
  • Banking
  • France
  • RD0108
  • AR2008
  • AR0708