General Instrument: The Making of Strategy

Published 07 Apr 2008
Reference 5441
Topic Strategy
Region North America
Length 13 page(s)
Language English

This case focuses on the topic of strategy making at GI. The case write-up includes information about GI, AT T, the cable telecommunications industry, Ed Breen, the strategy making process at GI, and the Kiawah Meeting that the management team held in 1998. The case also includes various exhibits for the user to analyze: an organizational chart of the management team attending the Kiawah Meeting, GI stock certificate, company financials, step 0 and step 1 of the strategy making process, agenda of the Kiawah Meeting and framework for the Kiawah Meeting.

Teaching objectives

The objective of this case is for the user to answer how strategy is made at GI and identify the key players in the strategy making process. The user makes this decision based on an analysis of the company and the off-site meeting, the Kiawah Meeting, held for the management team in 1998.

  • General Instrument
  • AT and T
  • Ed Breen
  • Strategy
  • Motorola
  • Telecommunications
  • Cable
  • United States
  • RD0708
  • AR2008
  • AR0708
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