WABTY.com - Salary Negotiation Case (A): Confidential Instructions for Larry Dover

Published 27 May 2016
Reference 6130
Industry Internet
Region Global
Length 6 page(s)
Language English

A multi-issue 1-on-1 negotiation between an HR manager (May Hirewell) and a young MBA job candidate (Larry Dover). WABTY.com is one of the few internet companies still hiring despite the recent economic recession that has put a serious strain on the industry. Larry has been offered a job with WABTY.com and he is meeting with May to discuss the terms of a potential employment contract.

Teaching objectives

• Understanding value and the importance of value discovery • Thinking through and preparing interests • Maximizing the potential for value discovery • Managing the information disclosure tension • Moving from positions to interests • Understanding the concept of value creation • Learning how to negotiate for maximum value creation • Anticipating and managing value-creation enemies

  • Job negotiation
  • Salary negotiation
  • Internet hiring
  • X-cultural differences
  • Bargaining and Value claiming
  • Interest and value discovery
  • Options and value creation
  • Alternative offers
  • Q31516