Vector (C): Labour Negotiations at Maxime Platform

Published 01 Jan 2003
Reference 5067
Topic Strategy
Region Europe
Length 5 page(s)

Case C gives an account of the last three months of negotiations. Negotiations lead to a win-win conclusion of the project for all stakeholders as activity on the installations continue - with all its positive effect on the local economy - through a third party and the Maxime Platforms workers are provided with an attractive remuneration package and redeployed in one of Vector’s best plants in the region.

Teaching objectives

Vector: Labour Negotiations at Maxime Platform is a comprehensive case series that can be used to discuss the relationship between strategy implementation and emotions management of various internal and external stakeholders in a period of radical traumatic change (relocation, downsizing, re-engineering, etc.). The cases illustrate the importance of leadership style and initiatives in managing people and emotionally-intense situations.

  • Union negotiations
  • Emotions management
  • Change management
  • Middle management
  • Downsizing
  • Adrian Hamilton