Survival of the Fittest - Sipro Plastics Industries

Published 30 Nov 2008
Reference 5561
Topic Strategy
Region Asia
Length 20 page(s)
Language English

Founded by Noraini, a young Malaysian entrepreneur, by 2005 SIPRO Plastics is a leading manufacturer and assembler of plastic parts and components for the Malaysian auto and electronics industries. With sales growth (27% per annum between 1996-2005) expected to slow, she is looking to expand into the region in an effort to double exports to 14% and increase turnover to US$12.3 million over the next two years. But are product and quality standards high enough for overseas markets, and which countries offer the best growth potential?

Teaching objectives

The case allows for an analysis of the strategic choices open to a successful entrepreneur in an emerging country seeking to expand but facing a saturated home market. The region offers a variety of opportunities, but which country would be the best fit, and are all the necessary product and quality processes in place?

  • business development
  • entrepreneur
  • regional expansion
  • Kaizen
  • SMEs
  • technical alliances
  • national policy framework
  • strategic planning
  • RD1108
  • AR2008
  • AR0809