This is Our Way

Published 30 Nov 2008
Reference 5540
Region Asia

Set in 2004, the case looks at the challenges facing Kuantan Municipal Council, a leading Malaysian local government institution with a reputation for delivering efficient, high-quality services. The city is expected to play a vital role as a major tourist centre and investment hub for East Malaysia, but given its limited human resources and the heavy financial requirements, how can it maintain a motivated workforce able to maintain the current high standards?

Teaching objectives

The case allows for an examination and discussion of key human resource issues such as workforce engagement. In particular, it promotes discussion of the problem of motivating and training a local government workforce to maintain high levels of performance in the face of a restricted budget and increased work burdens.

  • quality control activities
  • benchmarking
  • training and motivation
  • empowerment
  • workplace engagement
  • RD1108
  • AR2008
  • AR0809.