SpaceDisk, Inc: Marketing a Global Distributed Application Platform on the Internet

Published 01 Aug 2001
Reference 4964
Topic Marketing
Region Global
Length 9 page(s)

This case documents how SpaceDisk started out as a provider of free Web-based storage space. When the potential for such subscription and advertising revenues began to look less attractive, and SpaceDisk saw an opportunity in launching a DAP, the company moved rapidly to develop its new service and roll out its infrastructure.

Teaching objectives

To introduce the concept of a DAP and show the advantages of such a platform to end users, ASPs and ISPs To illustrate the dynamics that can be achieved by collaborating with upstream providers and downstream users To highlight the speed and adaptability that an Internet firm should possess to ensure its continual survival in a fast changing environment

  • Internet venture
  • Distributed applications platform
  • Applications service provider
  • Internet storage. AR2001
  • RD0701