Ithai Stern

Professor of Strategy
MiracleFeet, a US-based non-profit, improves access to high-quality treatment of clubfoot in low-income countries, typically in partnership with public hospitals and local NGOs, by providing low-cost foot braces, training, advocacy, awareness-raising and financial and operational support. It aims to treat 100,000 children by 2024 across 70 countries – half of them middle-income countries.

Published 01 Jul 2022

Reference 6656

Topic Responsibility

Industry Hospital & Health Care

Region Asia

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Unjani Clinics NPC, a non-profit organization which has a goal of improving access to primary healthcare in South Africa, has grown exponentially from six pilot clinics to 54 clinics nationwide.

Published 24 Jan 2020

Reference 6445

Topic Strategy

Industry Hospital & Health Care

Region Africa

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Behavioural Strategy, Corporate Governance, Strategic Decision Making, Organisational Learning and Adaptation