The Shooting Star - Contract Negotiation (B): Just Movies Studios Producer - Confidential Instructions

Published 19 Dec 2018
Reference 6373
Region North America
Length 3 page(s)
Language English

In this case, executives from a movie studio and a talent agency representing a (past his prime) movie star discuss their new project, the latest in a very successful film franchise which has declined in prestige over the last couple of installments. The parties also have to navigate challenges such as an ageing star in an action movie, a changing customer landscape and several other production problems to see if they can still build a valuable deal. On the positive side, there are opportunities for value creation available if the parties are brave and transparent enough to find them. This case is an excellent role play to use in a course after the Oxipouco role play, for example. It has about the same size and several of the same structural dynamics as the Sally Soprano case, but enriches the context and allows for more exploration of additional aspects of negotiation theory. As such, this role play is ideal for a negotiation teacher/professor who wants to upgrade, differentiate or just move away from Sally Soprano without having to learn or experiment with a completely new case.

Teaching objectives

• The differences between interests, positions and options • How to uncover and exchange interests to create value • How to build value creating options • How to use legitimacy to claim value • Opening offers, ZOPA, reservation price & aspiration price • How to understand and manage power in the absence of a good BATNA • How to reframe a negotiation from power to value • When to share interests and options • How to handle positions, preferences and non-negotiables

  • Interest, position, options, legitimacy
  • Value Creation, value claiming
  • Opening offer, ZOPA, reservation price & aspiration price
  • Win-win, win-lose
  • Power, value
  • Preference, preferences, priority, priorities
  • Non-negotiable
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