The Neuromarketing Toolkit

Published 06 Mar 2020
Reference 6497
Topic Marketing
Length 18 page(s)
Language English

“The Neuromarketing Toolkit” provides an introduction to the nascent field of neuromarketing for interested practitioners and participants of MBA and executive education programmes. It begins with an overview of why and when neuroscience can be useful as a market research method, what tools exist, and what they can bring to the table. The background note also offers guidelines on how to launch a new neuromarketing research project, as well as common pitfalls to avoid, using real world examples to illustrate best practice.

Teaching objectives

. Explain the different neuroscience tools that are used in marketing research with the help of real world examples. . Explain when these tools can be used, and when not appropriate. . Provide guidelines on how to use them in a meaningful way.

  • neuroscience
  • neuromarketing
  • market research
  • AI
  • prediction
  • consumer neuroscience
  • fMRI
  • EEG
  • eye-tracking
  • facial affect encoding
  • skin-conductance
  • fNIRS
  • research standards
  • Q12020
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