KROHN: A Blue Ocean of Red Fashion

Published 08 Aug 2023
Reference 6823
Topic Strategy
Industry Textiles
Region Europe
Length 8 page(s)
Language English

Over her career as a business executive, Norwegian Anita Krohn Traaseth became a seasoned mentor for emerging professionals, guiding them through the complexities of navigating promotions, salary negotiations, and leadership development. Recognizing the demand for accessible and practical advice, she leveraged her expertise into various channels, including podcasts, books, and eventually clothing - encapsulating her wisdom in the form of discreet t-shirt messages worn under professional attire. As her innovative approach gained traction, Traaseth expanded her vision, designing a signature red suit intended to inspire confidence and self-assurance in the wearer. The KROHN "slow fashion" house was born. This engaging case study examines the foundations of KROHN's success through the lens of Blue Ocean Strategy. Professors seeking to enrich their classrooms with a captivating, real-world example of entrepreneurial innovation and strategic execution will find it to be a valuable resource for discussions on personal branding, unconventional marketing strategies, and the art of creating differentiation at low cost.

Teaching objectives

- Understand how environmentally sustainable business practices can be as profitable, or more profitable, than approaches such as “fast fashion”. - Show how to strategize using non-traditional methods; in this case, how an inspirational career coach launched a fashion line. - Show it’s possible to launch a blue ocean business that differentiates at low cost. - Show that professional marketing is not always necessary, nor even helpful.

  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Fashion
  • Leadership
  • Sustainability
  • Coaching
  • Fast Fashion
  • Luxury
  • Career Pivots
  • European Business
  • Entrepreneurial Innovation
  • Professional Development
  • Personal Branding
  • Unconventional Marketing
  • Empowerment
  • Q32023