Environmental Impact-Driven Private Equity Decisions at Ambienta (B)

Published 14 Nov 2022
Reference 6770
Region Europe
Length 5 page(s)
Language English

This is the second of a two-part case study about Ambienta, a leading European asset manager focused on environmental sustainability. Case A introduces students and participants to the company and its unique profile in the industry. Ambienta’s mission statement is “Sustainability adds value.” The company has developed a proprietary methodology (the Environmental Impact Analysis or EIA) to demystify the linkage between financial returns and doing good for the planet. Case B is an exercise in which participants put themselves into the shoes of Ambienta’s Sustainability & Strategy head as he applies the EIA to four hypothetical companies (based upon investment candidates actually analysed by Ambienta).

Teaching objectives

1- To spark conversation and debate about how business value relates to environmental sustainability, and how that relationship can be measured. 2-To explore the challenges and complexities of evaluating sustainability-based investment theses.

  • SUstainability
  • Environmental Impact
  • Measurement
  • Materiality
  • Investment
  • Private Equity
  • ESG
  • Q42022