Banco Comercial Português in 2000 (A): New Frontiers for a Local Champion

Published 02 Jan 2005
Reference 5196
Topic Strategy
Industry Banking
Region Europe
Length 28 page(s)

This study of Banco Comercial Português (“BCP”) raises broad issues relating to strategy by growth and acquisition and how market leadership can best be created and extended at home or abroad. The authors trace the history of the bank from a much-admired startup to becoming the largest publicly listed Portuguese financial institution and an up-and-coming player in other European retail banking markets.

Teaching objectives

This case opens opportunities for class discussion on: 1) The drivers for internationalisation; 2) Entry modes in foreign markets; 3) The internationalisation process; 4) Organisational structures and blueprints; 5) Managing the implementation process.

  • Banking and insurance policy
  • Banking and financial services
  • European retail banking
  • European expansion
  • Entry modes in foreign markets
  • Managing internationalisation
  • Strategic acquisition
  • Eastern Europe