Alcatel Access Systems Division (A): Lessons from the Past

Published 09 Jan 2000
Reference 4873
Topic Strategy
Region Europe
Length 19 page(s)
Language English

The Alcatel Access Systems Division case highlights the issues and challenges, mainly in terms of product development and innovation, within a multinational organization traditionally organized on a country-based unit structure. The case focuses on the strategic organization and management issues aimed at developing adequate international integration, innovation and transformation processes amidst a fiercely changing competitive environment.

Teaching objectives

The crafting of an integrated international strategy and organization within a European context in order to become a successful global player. The process of transformation inside a pan-European technology-driven company, and the importance of learning in this context. Alternatives, challenges and requirements for successful innovation management in a multinational corporation.

  • European integration
  • Change management
  • Corporate transformation
  • Innovation
  • Deregulation in telecommunications
  • Telecommunications industry
  • European management