Zantac (A) (Spanish)

Published 19 May 2017
Reference 236
Topic Marketing
Region Europe
Length 43 page(s)

The cases describe the development, worldwide launch, and subsequent marketing of a new pharmaceutical product which, although it represented only a slight improvement over the category pioneer, not only became the leading product in its category, but the largest prescription pharmaceutical product overall worldwide. Its success propelled Glaxo, the company which developed and marketed the product, from the minor leagues to the top ranks in the pharmaceutical industry.

Teaching objectives

- how to exploit a small product advantage through creative marketing: the role of different marketing mix elements in creating differentiation. - attacking an industry leader worldwide. - maintaining market leadership in the face of strong competitive challenge. - the role of co-marketing and co-promotion: advantages and disadvantages, conditions under which they are effective. - sustaining competitive momentum and prolonging the product life cycle through a policy of constant product improvement and line extension.

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