!Xaus Lodge: From White Elephant to the Heart of the Community

Published 27 May 2013
Reference 5936
Region Other Regions
Length 5 page(s)
Language English

!Xaus Lodge is a community owned tourism facility in the Kagaladi Transfrontier Park, built to settle post-apartheid claims related to land seizures. The revival of the facility by Transfrontier Parks Destinations, a for-profit firm that also seeks to create a positive social impact, is the focus of the case.

Teaching objectives

The first teaching objective of the case, learning about social entrepreneurship, relates to how Transfrontier Parks Destinations, a for-profit firm, pursues both profit and creating social good. The second goal, the assessment of its social impact, relates to how !Xaus Lodge affects the local community, particularly by creating employment and enhancing its economic activity.

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • double bottom line
  • social impact
  • economic development
  • base of the pyramid
  • emerging markets
  • Q31213
  • ADEC
  • IAF
  • IAF 1213
  • AD1203