Virgin Atlantic Airways: Ten Years After (French)

Published 05 Sep 2005
Reference 4323
Topic Marketing
Region Global
Length 37 page(s)
Language French

The Virgin Atlantic Airways (VAA) case was written on the occasion of the company's 10th anniversary. In 10 years, VAA has brought many innovations to the airline industry and won many awards for its service. It has fought against giants on an international scale and has survived the airline industry's most difficult years. The case describes the history of the firm, its achievements, and its practices especially in terms of operations, human resources and marketing.

Teaching objectives

The case aims to discuss the concept of customer value delivery and to understand the mechanisms by which VAA can profitably offer its customers high quality service at a low price. Other possible pedagogical objectives are positioning, innovation, service, quality, and public relations. The case is best suited for courses on marketing management or services management.