Verbeek Packaging Worldwide (C): The TotPet France Account

Published 20 Dec 2013
Reference 6037
Topic Marketing
Region Europe
Length 1 page(s)
Language English

This series of cases follows the changing relationship between Verbeek's Industrial Packaging Division with TotPet, a major French oil company, after TotPet launched a supply chain rationalization effort. As the only truly international supplier of oil drums, Verbeek assured its customers of quality, proximity and continuity of supply, while at the same time handling sales relationships locally. With more and more global clients, like TotPet, reengineering their purchasing and supply chain operations to reduce the number of suppliers and form global relationships, the pressure mounted to gain control of prices, which had traditionally been based on local competitive conditions and relationships.

Teaching objectives

The case series, (A) through (E), which can be used either on their own or in combination, tackles: - The notion of value proposition in B2B markets - The perceived dynamics of value propositions over time - The changes in corporate decision-making processes and their impact on perceived value propositions and customer preferences - A framework for the strategic analysis of global accounts

  • Supply chain management
  • Global accounts
  • Value marketing
  • Marketing paradigm
  • Relationship marketing
  • Q21314