PrimeGeo (A): Buying Shares from an Angry Partner - Confidential Instructions for Ann (PrimeGeo Partner)

Published 29 May 2017
Reference 6268
Topic Strategy
Region Europe
Length 4 page(s)
Language English

Seven years ago, two of the three partners of a company worked in tandem to remove the other partner through legal trickery. Now, if they are to save their company, they need to resolve their differences with the partner they expelled, who is still angry with them. The case depicts a real-life story of a negotiation between former partners where there is a lack of trust, hurt feelings, and an equal potential to create value on the one hand, and misunderstandings and further conflict on the other. It provides the possibility to negotiate either one on one (cases A and B), or in teams of two (cases C, D, E), thereby allowing the instructor to explore the negotiation team dynamics.

Teaching objectives

The Seven Elements as a guide for structured preparation. Effective ways of using the Seven Elements during a negotiation. How to prepare for a negotiation as a team. The importance of resolving relationship issues in a negotiation before tackling substantive issues. How to resolve serious relationship issues (parts, perceptions, apologies)

  • shareholder’s conflict
  • company acquisition
  • shares acquisition
  • conflict resolution
  • relationship / substance / communication
  • Q31617