From Hero Honda to Hero versus Honda: Going their Separate Ways

Published 26 Sep 2016
Reference 6176
Topic Strategy
Region Asia
Length 7 page(s)
Language English

This case provides an update of Hero Group and Honda Motor Company’s strategies in the two-wheeler market in India following the break-up of their joint venture. It enables the reader to understand the capability building approach for each partner post-alliance dissolution and to reflect on the dynamics of relationships between two former allies turned rivals. It is a good complement to earlier cases written during the life cycle of this 26-year alliance.

Teaching objectives

The purpose of the case is to illustrate: (a) the challenges of managing post-alliance break up and building up capabilities (b) to reflect on the challenging of managing challenges in alliances in emerging markets -when used a complement with former cases (c) the different challenges of closing resource gaps with external partners

  • Alliance dynamics and termination
  • Post-alliance break-up
  • Capability building
  • Q11617