Light Up the World – Peru (B): Lighting Up the Developing World

Published 28 Oct 2016
Reference 6231
Topic Strategy
Region Global
Length 3 page(s)
Language English

This case describes the strategy of a renewable energy charity in Peru attempting to transition to a social enterprise. The charity uses a combination of strategies, including a multi-tiered pricing strategy and using local entrepreneurs to adapt the business model for local conditions.

Teaching objectives

• Evaluate different approaches that companies can take to sell their products to the bottom of the pyramid, including considering creative approaches toward pricing. • Discuss and come to an understanding of when or if a charity should consider switching to a sustainable social enterprise. • Understand how a business can scale from one geography to another, within the same segment.

  • Renewable Energy
  • Economic Development
  • Social Enterprise
  • Social Impact
  • Energy Poverty
  • Multi-tiered pricing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Microcredit
  • Pas-as-you-go
  • Pricing strategies
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Bass Diffusion Model
  • Sustainability
  • Green energy
  • Q11617