Karolinska Sjukhuset (A)

Published 01 Jan 1995
Reference 4474
Topic Operations
Region Europe
Length 32 page(s)
Language English

The case describes the major transformation that took place in one of the largest university hospitals in Sweden. Changes involved refocusing on the patient as final customer, improving quality and reducing costs. They were achieved through a total quality improvement scheme combined with process re-engineering. Organisational changes helped implement these changes.

Teaching objectives

The case illustrates how efficiency can be improved by simple process changes, highlights the importance of leadership and of involving professionals (doctors, nurses). It also provides an example of how industrial concepts could be brought to hospitals and to the services industry in general. Two key issues raised by the case are: Prioritisation in a complex multi-client environment The relative value of quality when perception of quality differs from one group of 'clients' to another

  • Organisational Change
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Process Change
  • Quality Management/Improvement
  • Customer-oriented Services
  • Time-based Management/Competition
  • Healthcare Services
  • Hospital Management
  • HMI
  • Healthcare Delivery and Management
  • HMI
  • Business Science