IMAX (A): The Introduction of Digital Media Re-Mastering Technology

Published 26 Nov 2012
Reference 5836
Topic Strategy
Region Global
Length 21 page(s)

Case A reviews the history of IMAX Corporation from its founding until the introduction of Digital Media Remastering (DMR) technology in 2002. Since its founding, IMAX had struggled to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. The case explores IMAX's difficulties in attracting movie studios and theatres to its platform. Case B describes the changes in the ecosystem implemented after DMR, and the resulting performance.

Teaching objectives

The cases allow discussion of the initial failure of an ecosystem platform to achieve sustainable, profitable growth due to its unappealing value proposition towards complementors. They also allow analysis of strategies for two-sided markets in the presence of cross-side network effects, before and after a major technology change.

  • Q11213
  • IMAX technology
  • movie industry
  • ecosystems
  • technology adoption
  • competitive strategy
  • Distribution channels
  • movie theaters