Google in Russia: Leveraging Digital Analytics and Intelligence for Sustainable Growth

Published 18 Feb 2020
Reference 6557
Topic Marketing
Region Europe
Length 28 page(s)

In October 2012, Dmitry Kuznetsov was appointed Country Marketing Director for Google Russia (Google RU). His primary objective was to propel Google RU ahead of the local champion Yandex, to the number one position in the Russian internet search market, leveraging Google’s digital intelligence and analytics products to win clients in a B2B setting. Along the way he faced multiple challenges, from crafting a local strategy for Russia, to segmenting the online market, deciding how to position the brand, which products and services to prioritize, and how to communicate effectively with Russian customers. The case presents relevant information on the prevailing trends in Russia’s internet search market, the competitive landscape, and the high-powered digital tools available from Google to heighten the impact of his marketing and communications plans in the period to 2016.

Teaching objectives

a. Learn what Google digital marketing tools and frameworks are available to launch a new product/service, position a brand, craft a customer-centric branding, marketing and communications plan, and understand how companies leverage such tools (from a tactical or strategic perspective). b. Debate the pros and cons of the main digital marketing tools and frameworks available from Google and elsewhere to help companies become more customer-centric and generate growth (in a B2B2C context). c. Understand what makes a good marketer/marketing strategy in a digital world: i. The ability to combine traditional and digital marketing approaches and tools. Digital does not replace traditional marketing – they coexist along the customer journey and are interchangeable. ii. The need to use judgment to challenge/validate marketing approaches, and a creative approach to develop new ways of using data and opportunities for unlocking its potential. iii. The evolution of the role of Chief Marketing Officer: importance of breaking down silos; the agility required to adapt to new market dynamics. Additional topics related to strategy, marketing and branding d. The strategic benefits and risks of expanding in emerging markets like Russia, both from a company and a brand perspective. e. The importance of building partnerships with local players in emerging markets (in general and specifically in Russia) with an emphasis on - i. Co-marketing with local players; building win-win partnerships to gain market share. ii. Gathering high-level local insights as the basis for a branding campaign.

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