Ducati Motorcycle (Italy): Riding Traditional Business Channels or Racing through the Internet (French)

Published 09 Jan 2002
Reference 4917
Topic Strategy
Region Global
Length 25 page(s)
Language French

The case compares the e-business and e-commerce strategy of two leading motorcycle manufacturers. It highlights the way Ducati and Harley-Davidson manage their business processes and value networks, and the role that IT and the Internet plays in research, development and design, purchasing, manufacturing and assembly, logistics, marketing and sales, as well as after-sales service.

Teaching objectives

1) to analyse the strategic and competitive impact of the Internet; 2) to illustrate the enabling role that information technology plays in business transformation; 3) to demonstrate process innovation and value networks management; and 4) to discuss the impact of e-technologies on rethinking a company's core competency, market positioning, value proposition, and business model. manufacturing; Ducati; Harley-Davidson

  • E-business and e-commerce strategy
  • Business transformation
  • Process innovation
  • Value networks
  • Internet and information technology
  • Motorcycle