BIS Banking Systems (A)

Published 01 Jan 1999
Reference 4829
Topic Strategy
Region Europe
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Language English

By 1990, BIS Banking Systems had been climbing to the number one position in the world of the specialized financial (banking) software industry. Its flagship software package, MIDAS, had been installed worldwide in more than 400 banks. In April 1990, the company did not seem to meet its expectations in terms of profit. The banking industry went through dramatic changes. The BIS Banking Systems management contemplated whether this was a temporary crisis (within the banking industry), or whether some action was required in the company’s (international) strategy and/or organization.

Teaching objectives

Organization-Strategy-Environment Fit: Explore the interaction between the environment, industry and the company?s strategy and organization International Strategy and Organization: the Global-Local Dilemma: Analyze the benefits for you and your client of globalizing/localizing the products and services Centralization Versus Decentralization in International Organizations: How to analyze changes in the environment pushing for more centralization from a decentralized company Customer-Driven Management: How far should a company go in being customer-driven, following the client or in serving the customer?

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