Benihana UK (Ltd)

Published 15 Dec 1997
Reference 4719
Topic Operations
Industry Restaurants
Region Global
Length 23 page(s)
Language English

The Benihana chain included 60 restaurants in 1966, mostly in the United States with sales over $75M. Its founder, Rocky Aoki, started 32 years earlier the first Benihana of Tokyo in New York. The case shows the main elements of his breakthrough service in the 70s. But this formula was not easily transferred to UK and the three London restaurants are not making money. Gary Anderson has the difficult task to turn around the situation.

Teaching objectives

Analysing a breakthrough service Developing the concept of back office versus front office Analysing the difficulty of transferring a service from USA to Europe and more generally the internationalisation of services

  • AR1997
  • RD1097
  • Management of Services
  • Internationalisation of Services
  • Restaurant
  • Benihana of Tokyo
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