ArArAt Brandy: Transforming a Legend into a Modern Icon

Published 25 Aug 2014
Reference 5660
Topic Marketing
Region Europe
Length 15 page(s)
Language English

Ararat, the largest brand of brandy in Russia, with an enviable 32% market share and a long history, is one of the jewels in Pernod Ricard Russia’s alcoholic beverage portfolio. After a recent product update, five key questions need to be answered: 1. Which consumer segment(s) should Ararat be targeted at? 2. What should be the brand platform? 3. Which of five proposed advertising options should be selected? 4. Should all seven sub-brands in the Ararat portfolio feature in the campaign, and if not, which ones? 5. In which magazines should the ads be placed?

Teaching objectives

The case offers the opportunity to think through repositioning of a brand, beginning with which segments to target, how to position the brand, which products from the brand portfolio to focus on, the message strategy to use, and which media options to activate. It thus constitutes a comprehensive exercise in branding.

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