Analysing the Macro Environment

Published 23 Apr 2018
Reference 6398
Topic Strategy
Region Global
Length 7 page(s)
Language English

This note is an introduction to the macro (or general) environment and strategy tools (PESTEL analysis, scenario development) used to analyze it. It provides templates for the application of these tools in strategic analysis. The note also discusses the benefits and limitations of macro environmental analysis, as well as the role it plays as a part of the overall strategic analysis of the business environment.

Teaching objectives

To provide conceptual support and an integrated framework for the diagnosis of the business environment in basic strategy courses (undergraduate, graduate, executive education).

  • Macro environment
  • PESTEL analysis
  • Environmental scenarios
  • Market Size / Growth Analysis
  • Demand shifters
  • Business environment
  • Competitive Strategy
  • PEST analysis
  • Environmental scanning
  • Q31718