Singtel: Becoming the Best Regional Communications Player

Published 12 Jan 2005
Reference 5332
Topic Strategy
Region Asia
Length 34 page(s)

SingTel is Asia's leading communications company with operations and investments in more than 20 countries and territories around the world. It employs more than 19,000 people around the world and had a turnover of S$10.26 billion (US$5.80 billion) for the year ended 31 March 2003. It has two main hubs in Singapore and Australia, and has strategic investments in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand, also global offices located worldwide. In its over 120 years of operating experience, Singtel has played an integral part in the development of the city as a major communications hub in the region. It also has operations in US and Europe. Based in Singapore, Singtel is expanding aggressively in Asia Pacific as a possible first step to a fully global approach to continue to enhance shareholder value.

Teaching objectives

The authors believe that Singtel’s rich experience and, in particular, the lessons learned during its international expansion outside Singapore make for a fascinating example of a company that outgrows successfully its local market to play in the global arena, especially because of its strong Asian presence. The authors believe that Singtel’s experience is uniquely attuned to a global research orientation and those interested in deepening their understanding of Asia. The case captures crucial facets of Singtel’s fascinating global tale from government office to publicly traded regional player.

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