Ruben Vardanian at the Helm of Troika Dialog (A) (Russian)

Published 05 Jan 2003
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Length 27 page(s)

The case study evolves around business career of Ruben Vardanain, the CEO of Russian investment bank Troika Dialog. It follows evolution of the business and Vardanian’s leadership style over the period of ten years focusing on turning points and decisions the CEO had to make with regard to his vision for the business, its business model, organizational culture and human resource management systems.

Teaching objectives

Students are expected to get insights into the nature of leadership and factors contributing to the development of a particular leadership style. Problems of growth of entrepreneurial organizations operating in changing environment will be examined through the prism of people management. Students are expected to enrich their understanding of the Russian business environment and the style of new Russian entrepreneurs.

  • Leadership
  • Corporate Culture
  • Crisis Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Managing Growth
  • Acquisitions
  • People Management
  • Russia