Rank Xerox (A): Global Transfer of Best Practices (Condensed)

Published 30 Mar 2004
Reference 5138
Topic Strategy
Region Europe
Length 4 page(s)
Language English

Global Transfer of Best Practices Carlos Camarero led Rank Xerox's Wave C initiative. Wave I (to improve revenues) was successful and Wave II (to redefine sales processes) was disappointing. Carlos prepared to discuss with Rank Xerox's Managing Director (Bernard Fournier) Wave I's success, Wave II's failure, and lessons learned about best-practice transfer.

Teaching objectives

The case demonstrates difficulties associated with best-practice transfer within a firm. It provides an example of what “knowledge” is (e.g., knowledge regarding best practices developed in different regions) and highlights problems with knowledge management (e.g., how can firms spread identified knowledge to fully take advantage of it).

  • Best-practice transfer
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Knowledge management
  • Change management
  • Change carriers
  • Core competence
  • Cross-border transfer. AR2004
  • AR0304
  • RD0304