One Ring to Rule Them All? (A): Forging Immortality Technology

Published 20 Mar 2023
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New Zealand-based One Ring is an early entrant in the digital “after death” or “immortality technology” market. Using animation tools and AI technology, One Ring captures the digital footprint of deceased individuals (from social media posts, emails, videos) and uses the data to create chatbots that mimick their communication patterns. In this way, friends and family “never have to say goodbye” – they can continue having conversations with loved ones beyond the grave. The case illustrates how senior executives find it challenging to embrace creative ideas from new hires or employees lower down the chain of command. Ironically, these are precisely the employees most likely to have new ways of seeing and solving problems (even if they have difficulty exerting an influence). The case consists of two versions. The Penny version gives the students a sense of the challenges that executives have when they need to make choices on creative ideas under realistic pressures: deadlines, budgets, and audience expectations. The Andy version highlights the precarious position of employees in the lower/middle levels of the organization who seek to champion ideas and convince those at the top. Instructors can choose between the executive (Penny) version, or the new/junior employee (Andy) version. The teaching note includes crucial information on what the case reveals in the classroom.

Teaching objectives

-How creativity can be harnessed by the C-level -How power and influence are gained in organizations -The role of middle managers in processes of change -How multiple organizational cultures are managed -The interplay between disruptive solutions, fan pressure and team competition

  • Organizational Culture
  • Organizational Change
  • Leadership
  • Leading Change
  • Management
  • Middle Management
  • Creativity
  • Onboarding
  • Influence
  • New Ideas
  • Q12023