Napoleon Bonaparte: Victim of an Inferior Strategy? (Spanish)

Published 14 Jan 2010
Reference 4842
Topic Strategy
Region Europe

One observes that despite the continued application of superior personal strategies and leadership throughout Napoleon's lifetime, success eluded him in the end. A pattern is observed of meteoritic rise in the early stages (victories in the battle of Lodi, Marengo, Austerlitz) and a downfall later (Russian invasion, Waterloo). What is behind this rise and fall? Can any reasonable explanations be found? Exploring these questions is the motivation of this case.

Teaching objectives

The ultimate aim of the case is to realize that a good strategy should have both good content and good execution. To produce a good strategy, a proper interaction with people or more accurately, a proper decision-making process, during the strategy formulation is critical.

  • Corporate Governance
  • Value Creation, Strategy and Implementation
  • Education, entrepreneurship, leadership
  • Governance, parallel planning, strategy, boards