The MöllerGroup: A Family Tradition of Entrepreneurship

Published 22 Jul 2016
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Region Europe
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Language English

The case charts the history of MöllerGroup, a longstanding family business in Germany, which designs, manufactures and markets components for the global automotive industry and construction parts for industrial applications. It makes functional parts for mechanical engineering, automotive technology and other sectors. The company sells moldings made of soft plastics, thermoplastics and elastomers; shock absorbers and damper elements; and lumbar support systems for truck seats and office chairs, to customers in Europe, North America and Asia.

Teaching objectives

The case highlights the important role played by family businesses. In 2003, after 40 years as CEO, Peter von Möller, the majority shareholder (other family members being minority shareholders) asked Dr Axel Müller, the non-family CFE, to head the company, ending a 273-year tradition of family at the executive helm.

  • Henokiens
  • Peter von Möller
  • MöllerGroup
  • MöllerTech
  • Kupferhammer
  • Felix von Möller
  • Otto Sauer
  • Johannes Rudnitzki
  • Q41516
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Governance for Family Firms
  • Education, entrepreneurship, leadership
  • Succession, next generation