LOT Polish Airlines (B)

Published 01 Oct 1999
Reference 4837
Topic Strategy
Region Europe
Length 15 page(s)

The case of LOT Polish Airlines highlights many timely lessons relevant to globalizing industries in the late 1990s. Its subject matter presents an historic snapshot of both the company and the international airline industry during a period of tremendous upheaval. The case is best suited to a course focusing on deregulating and privatizing industries, but can also be used as a model for global competition and strategy.

Teaching objectives

Two major thematic issues arise in the LOT (A) case. First, focusing on broader industry trends, the case allows for a discussion of industry restructuring and the evolution of markets and competition. The catalyst for airline industry upheaval rests in the growing trend toward international deregulation of aviation markets. On the firm-level of analysis, the LOT cases bring out a number of themes relevant to privatizing / liberalizing companies and international competition.

  • Global Strategy
  • Eastern Europe Business
  • International Strategies
  • Privatization
  • Airlines Alliances
  • Global Competition
  • Deregulation
  • Industry Restructuring