LG Electronics Inc.: Breaking the Ice in the North American Market for Refrigerators

Published 29 Nov 2007
Reference 5488
Topic Marketing
Region North America
Length 30 page(s)

The case focuses on LG Electronics' entry into the US market and its efforts to develop a premium brand, highlighting the specific instance of refrigerators which played a key role in the establishment of the firm's image. Entering the world's largest market proves to be a formidable challenge, particularly in a category that is mature and when the entrant is from a newly industrialized country in Asia, namely Korea.

Teaching objectives

The case reveals how LG Electronics went about trying to establish a premium brand image in the US, following a series of earlier failed attempts. It allows for a discussion of key issues around customer focus, organizational characterisitics and organizational alignment in successfully entering and establishing oneself in a new market.

  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • NIC
  • Marketing Strategy
  • New product development
  • Market Entry
  • RD1107
  • AR2007
  • AR0708